Material ConneXion – GGP Eco-Friendly Food Containers


A disposable packaging and dishware material that is composed of SiO2 (sand) and polypropylene (PP). This composition creates a packaging material that uses less petrochemical based plastics when compared to general PP based containers. This container material is food safe and is microwavable. It can be used in applications with a temperature range of 140 to – 40 °C (284 to -40°F). The material used to make these disposable containers and dishware can be obtained in a variety of custom shapes and sizes includes dishes, platters, spoons, toothpicks, and forks. Customized packaging can be made as well as customized colors and patterns can also be obtained. The primary application that this material is intended for is the packaging and storing of food, but it can also be employed to package electronics.

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