Material ConneXion – The Meditations™ Collection

Handmade wallcoverings crafted from lokta. Lokta is a small, woody plant indigenous to the Himalaya region whose fibers have been manufactured into paper that has been used for Tibetan Buddhist texts and is currently used for Japanese currency. After being harvested, the plants are transported by foot to nearby paper mills. The bark is soaked in water and ash to soften, and the leaves and stems are used as compost. The bark is boiled in water and put in to a pulp beater which is powered by small-scale hydropower from a nearby stream. The paper used is formed by dipping a frame into a vat of the pulp, lifting it out, and placing it in the sun to dry. Two versions are made from this process. Samadhi™ is a single layer of lokta paper with small platelets of mica distributed throughout. Ohm™ consists of two layers; the top layer is crafted by local artisans using chopsticks to hand-form circular patterns on top of the flat bottom layer. These wallcoverings comply as Class A according to ASTM E84 standard flame spread test. Eight colors are available: Sea Salt, Vanilla, Sage, Ginger, Sesame, Poppy Seed, Paprika, and Allspice. These colors are spray applied to the top surface of the paper. Standard roll sizes are 3 yd x 37 in (2.7 m x 93.98 cm) with a minimum order of 12 yd (10.97 m). Applications are for interior walls.

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