No Zero Poster

The core concept of my design is to show the history of Freshkills landfill and, it’s interior structure after being transformed into an environmental recreation. My design address the meaning of no zero by first putting a definition from the law of conservation of mass, which states that mass is neither created nor destroyed. The illustration on my poster show how trash is transported to the landfill and then transformed into methane gas to produce electricity. The park is fairly resilient due to the artificial environmental recreation. The landfill gas produced by the waste underneath could be converted into large amount of electricity and power nearby areas. In the future, the park will become even more resilient because it is fully restored back to its natural environment. The only challenge to the park’s resiliency is our interaction with it. If we continue to maintain the park with our sustainability perspective, then the park will lives on forever. But if we decide to benefit from the short run without foreseeing its future, the park will take back its former title as the world’s largest landfill in no time.

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