The Sixth Extinction- Gas Mask





Concept: Human being an extinguishing species in the Sixth Extinction  




Making: Newspapers + Cardboards (Paper Mache)






Final Documentations:

Design Brief:

The core concept of the mask is to show people how will our lives be like during the Sixth Extinction. The increasing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutions will raise the temperature on our planet, creating a poisonous and unsuitable environment for us to live in. We will wear gas masks as a result of damaging the planet’s environment. By making the mask in a deformable and horrifying shape, my intension is to show the public that we are at the edge of the Sixth Extinction and it is not a “cool” or “exciting event that we can enjoy or brag about. The mask is a symbol of ugliness and awfulness It is a mask that you would never want to be putting on.

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