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My idea for the project was to create a night light that an user can simply change between various modes by turing the top of the nightlight box. I was able to achieve this design by placing a potentiometer in the middle of the light box.


Wood and Frosted Acrylic Laser Cut Files                                                                    

print lightbox wood                          frosted cut



I looked at the Nighlight class code as a reference and wrote my own custom code for the project.

I looked up how to wire a RGB LED.

I also looked up the function for boolean algebra to write the code for RGB color fading animation.


My Code


Process Photos

I laser cut the pieces and super glued them together. The middle of the light box had a hollow, which I purposely left out to place a potentiometer and connect all the wires. Finally, I soldered and hot glued most of the wires in the light box to improve the strength of the wire connections.



Final Photos



Demonstration Video 


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