Final Project


My concept for the final project is to create a robot virtual pet. The robot’s movement will be controlled by two servos, mimicking an animal’s natural movement. The robot will have a motion sensor, which will be used to detect the user’s motion and control the servos based on the interaction. It will also have a bluetooth chip that can be connected to the user’s phone to detect the position between the user and the robot.  The robot will have a RGB LED indicating its emotion and it will play sound through the buzzer based on the receiving interaction.

Bill of Materials:

Two Servos:

One motion Sensor:

One Bluetooth Chip:

Components For Building An Arduino

Two 9V Battery



The robot’s components will be 3D printed with standard PLA and assemble will screws. The final size will be around 5” long x 2.5” wide and 4” tall.




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