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My name is Yu-Liang Shih, but people usually call me James or Jimmy. I came from Nantou, a beautiful county located in the central part of Taiwan. I do all kinds of outdoor activities, and my favorite ones are running, hiking, and climbing. I used to live in California for a few years and I have been missing the California Mexican food (especially Lucky Boy) ever since the day I left there.

I came to New York originally for the architecture program at Parsons, but I had changed my mind at the end of Freshman year because I found out that architecture isn’t what I like to do and if I choose to follow that path I will definitely hate myself after college. I chose DT because I have always been interested in coding and making electronics. I had been working as a freelancing web developer for a few years, mainly using Ruby on Rails and php. Currently, I am starting to focus on internet of things as javascript is transforming the way how the web is structured.

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