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My name is Yu-Liang Shih, but I usually go by James. I was born in Taiwan and my parents brought me to the USA when I was 13. I had lived in LA for around 6 years, attended  middle school and high school there. I came to Parsons originally for the architectural program, but I had always been interested in technologies and programming, so I transferred to Design & Technology after finding out that I truly dislike drawing architectural sketches. In DT, my works mainly focus on transforming big data, such as the ones provided by NYC OpenData, into interactive visualizations. My concept is to make boring data into artistic interpretations. In one of my project, I recorded my daily electronic devices usage for nine days and I created a visualization that would turn my electronic usage time of each application into an atom, the more the electrons, the longer the electronic usage duration is. By making this visualization, my intension was to imagine how would the atoms of our brain cells look like, if computers hadn’t become a majority of our working routine.

After creating a visualization for the data I had collected, I wanted to create a system that can evaluate the importance of time and present that to the public.  I came up with the idea of ScreenBOOM, which is an Arduino device that will automatically logout the user when the timer is up . The purpose of this Arduino timer is to emphasis the importance of time and ALWAYS save your files at all time.

Most of my works are digital based, I like to make digital arts with Javascript, C++, and Python. I also like to test out various toolsets that are newly out and still in development. The newest one I have tested is called Google Tensorflow, which is a neural net artificial intelligent that is capable of performing deep machine learning. With this toolset, I have created an artistic style analyzer that can analyze one’s inputed image and return categories that best describe the image.

I often look up creative technology projects on creativeapplications for inspirations. It has projects ranging from traditional abstract art pieces to practical designed solutions. I see myself as a creative technologist that help people visualized big data in an interactive and playful way and also a tinker that’s constantly finding better solutions with newly invented technologies. I haven’t decided where am I going with my design profession, but for now I am using the technological knowledge I have to help people and startups to bring their idea into functional prototypes.

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