Thesis 2 – Presentation 2 Self Evaluation


After the initial play test of my first paper prototype, The Blockchain Trivia, I had changed the entire structure and feature of the game based on the users’ unsatisfying  and unenjoyable experiences over the gameplay. I redesigned a game based on the Monopoly gameplay and I called the new game Cryptonopoly.

The game shares the same objective as the monopoly, which is to compete with other users to see who can accumulate the most asset totaling in the game’s fiat currency value. However, my intention for designing Cryptonopoly is to micmic the current state of the crypto economy, giving an opportunity for the general public to get a sense of how it feels like to participate in the economy without having to put in real money yet.

Cryptonopoly has four major currencies, Dollar, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Token. Dollar is like a fiat currency that everything in the game refers to. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two cryptocurrencies in this game that user’s have to use to purchase certain items in the game.. and finally the Token is a fictional cryptocurrency that users mine in this game, which users can receive rewards based in Token from their mining machines each time they complete around of the board.

Cryptonopoly has four non-currency cards, which are Mining Machine Card, dApp Card, Chance Card, and Question Card. Mining Machine card is an asset card that an user can purchase by paying in fiat currency and each Mining Machine card has three lives, which each round an user can receive Token reward based on the life on his or her mining machine. Three lives can get 100 token, two lives gets 50 token, and one life gets 25 token. Each round the mining machine’s life decreases by one and when it runs out of life the card is useless.

DApp cards are asset cards similar to the property cards in Monopoly, which users will land on during the game can purchase after answering correctly to a blockchain Trivia question. An user will get two chances to answer the blockchain trivia question. The trivia questions are drawn from the Question deck, which current I have 44 questions in the deck and I am deciding to add more or decrease the number of questions in the deck.

The chance cards are event cards that will draw when they land on chance during the game. There are positive and negative in the deck that can influence the drawer’s personal value or the entire playing group. For example, there’s one card says they user find 10 Bitcoin in an old hardrive, which the player will gain 10 Bitcoin by drawing that card, but there’s also a card that says Market crash (roll dice) and the card will influence the entire gameplay’s cryptocurrencies prices based on the value of the dice that the player roll after drawing the card. I am currently adding more chance card, hoping to add up to 20 cards for the deck.


I have a rough prototype made in paper now for play test and for figuring out money balance. I have been making graphics for the game, I have started to make test print in paper to adjust the color and size of my design.


The graphics are 80% complete, having the board and user dashboard left to complete. I am finishing up a little instruction guide that describes the rules of the gameplay and each function of the card. I am also redesigning the machine cards and making a price ticker for cryptocurrencies so users can have better gaming experience with the items. I am looking into ways for me to produce my final cardboard games. An option now is to print them out on paper and then cut out to seamlessly glue onto thicker papers. I am thinking to 3D print to coins, which I will do a few test prints this weekend to see how the product look like.



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