Bridges 1 and 2

Fear project (Bridge 2)

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I Remember (Bridge 1)

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Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 were similar in several regards. They both emphasize delving into either our own or our partners persona. In bridge one we had to link our past to an imagined alternative. In bridge 2 we had to link our partners fear to a wearable garment. Aside from the conceptual aspect of the projects, both bridges shared similarities in process. We had to draft and edit our initial work. Although I personally failed to edit my own bridges, I know it the importance of rewriting was emphasized. Additionally, both bridges were aimed at teaching us to develop our ideas into fully realized work. The assignment was not just a prompt telling us what to write, but it was a precursor at how to shape our ideas.

However, the purpose of the lyric memoir was more introspective, while the reflection paper was aimed at our partners persona. The lyric memoir itself asked us to create something completely knew; whereas I felt the reflection paper, as the name suggests, was more a summary of our thoughts and ideas. The lyric memoir had more room for creativity and artistic flare. The reflection paper felt more like scholarly.

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