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Sustainable Systems

Final Project Redesign: Plastic Rolls SS_FinalAssignment-2imjf4g   Sustainable Fashion: Patagonia Untitled document-11-297ugd9   Reflection Untitled document-12-1so9ixa

Midterm Project

The white rhino recently became extinct when the last male of the species died. Endangered animals are becoming more and…

Bridges 1 and 2

Fear project (Bridge 2) Untitled document-1g33he4     I Remember (Bridge 1) Untitled document-2a2puxy   Bridge 1 and Bridge 2…

UN reflection

To be able to visit the UN was a great experience. My first thoughts were how beautiful the building itself…

One Weeks Trash

Mainly what I have learned from this assignment is that a lot more waste is recyclable than I originally assumed.…
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