What I Saw, Remembered, Dreamed

About The Project

For studio & seminar, I’m doing a piece on my actual dream. You can visit this link to read about my dream.


When I was reading my seminar assignment, Goodbye To All That by Joan Didion, I kinda spaced out after reading the linesĀ “It is less often said that New York is also, at least for those of us who came there from somewhere else, a city for only the very young.” I had this stack of bills on my refrigerator and I somehow wanted to document my daydream about getting broke in New York. I took inspiration from the presentation in the studio class about writing on books. I made a collage from these bills and just scribbled on them.

The room heater in my room gets loud sometimes in the middle of the night. I tried to sketch this because I believe the noise from the heater might be affecting my dreams.

Starting this Spring means I’m visiting the Zoom home screen on a daily basis. I believe this observation is crucial for my future dreams as Zoom is good news for some, nightmare for others. I used 6B, 4H, and 2B pencils for this.

This sketch relates to my dream. It’s the moment when the chute of the plane opens up and light enters for the first time. I used a black ballpoint pen for this.

This is my Alexa. I believe Alexa is important for this project as it wakes me up daily, plays music, and reminds me to finish things. I used graphic pens for this.

The mask, which has become a living nightmare for humans in 2020 and 2021, is an important part of this project as I believe we all dream of things going back to normal.

My bedroom window. Whenever I’m bored or if there’s precipitation, I just look outside. I don’t know why I do it, but it helps to clear my mind.

In this sketch, I try to envision what it feels like to dream. I know dreams occur in our brain, but for this sketch, I just thought it would be fun to document dreams in our eyes.

My bed, another important thing that affects my dreams. If the bed isn’t comfortable for me, I then have a light sleep with no dreams.

My chair and trash can. I believe they are symbolic as we often daydream (in this context, on a chair) and then just forget the bad ones.

This is a vague dream that I had. All I could remember was seeing black and white noise, something like old black and white photographs.

Final Frame

As I’m most comfortable with the digital medium, I thought it’s best if I document my dream digitally. I used Adobe Illustrator to make a 3 frame sequence. The dark beginning, optimistic middle, and the bright ending. Just like my dream.

Initial Illustrator Sketch

The Final Piece


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