Bridge 2: P2P Portraits


Jackson and I were paired to work on both seminar and studio assignments. Since we both are in Kerrey Hall, we met each other and had some fun. We spent hours messing around on Photoshop, debating what to do, ranting about online art school, and just chilling around.

Museum Visits

We had initially planned to visit The Met with Cassi, Olivia, Nina, and Ash but then the snow storm cancelled our plans so we had to visit The Met virtually. The screenshot contains some artworks both of us liked.

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We also visited the American Museum of Natural History with the help of Google Arts and Culture. It was fun to see the wax figurines of early species of humans, some endangered birds and animals, and lastly huge skeletons of  dinosaurs and whales.

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And lastly, when the weather cleared, we visited MoMA because its my favourite museum and has been on my list. I wasn’t able to visit MoMA last time when I was in New York so I was excited to visit it, in-person. Due to COVID-19, MoMA has less number of visitors so Jackson and I were able to cover each floor smoothly.

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I used this photograph of Jackson to work on. We both thought it would be fun to do some serious face.

A serious Jackson

We thought that it would be fun to incorporate our favourite quotes and artworks in our portraits. Jackson likes Mark Maggiori, James Turrell, and is a big Kanye West fan. I’m also using some of my favourite art pieces for Jackson’s portrait, they are Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol and a Jackson Pollock like art.

And finally I used Photoshop to make the final portrait with multiple layerings. Jackson liked the Egyptian Collection at The Met so I thought it would be fun to add that to the portrait, which makes him look royal.

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Jackson’s Final Portrait




Self Portrait

I wanted my self portrait to be minimal with something related to what I’m currently doing. I’m inspired by Andy Warhol and I thought that I should something inspired by Warhol. Final Image uses inverted gradient overlay, which makes it look like colorful negatives. I use the word “Work” to make a brief statement about my college life, how college has been keeping me busy and swamped with work.

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Final Self Portrait

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