Lost and Untitled | Integrative Studio 1 Final Project


Our task was to memorialize anything and for this project I chose to memorialize Lost and Missing Children. I was inspired by the movie, Lion, a true story, in which Saroo Brierley tries to find his family when he becomes an adult. The data and statistics in this project are taken by missingkids.org, a website dedicated to find lost and missing children.

Initial Design

The initial design of the project was to place three screen, like those LinkNYC screens, on three corners of a square and place a stool on the fourth corner. The screens would just show data and statistics of lost and missing children globally.

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After my presentation, I received critic to add more screens and have different screen show different items. Based on the critic, I decided to create a journey and have the viewers experience different moods. The image below shows the journey.

Final Design

For my final design, I chose that my project has no location as it is meant for a global audience. Below I have attached what different screens will show and each screen has its own mood.

Screen 1

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Screen 2

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Screen 3

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Screen 4

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For my memorial, I have decided that it will not have a fixed location and instead it will be in different locations since it memorializes lost and missing children on a global level. Below I have attached mockups of my memorial, where it might be positioned across the world.

Washington Square Park, New York City, USA


Piccadilly Circus, London, UK Image Credits – Benh Lieu Song


Gateway of India, Mumbai, India Image Credits – Mumbai Tourism


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