Working with Wire + Box Insert


This is my first Space/Materiality project and the objective is to create a cube with each face having different illustrations which is made up of wires.


These are the initial sketches of what my cube might look like. The edge of the cube is 4 inches and is constructed with 19 gauge steel wire.


I am using 19 gauge and 22 gauge wire to work on this project. I am also using 28 gauge binding wire to combine different pieces together. The DNA is constructed with 22 gauge wire and the strands are made by winding the 28 gauge wire. The eye is made with 22 gauge wire, the squares are made with 19 gauge wire, and the pupil is made by winding the 28 gauge wire.

Final Cube

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Final Cube with Plastic Box Insert

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I have never worked with wires so initially it was difficult for me to work with it and now I’m slowly getting the gist of it. The idea generation was fun as the theme of my cube is based on symmetry and asymmetry, an ironical cube. It is also difficult to make sure that the wire is properly cut as I have stabbed myself with the pointy endings of the wire multiple times. The red box insert fits the cube well and the overall red, metallic, and black theme looks good. I can use this box as a candle holder as the red illumination will look good.

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