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For our final project we had to make something relevant to our major and something which we can do for the next 10 years. Being a communication design major, I decided to create a fictional organization “get-eco” whose main focus is to create awareness for sustainability. I designed posters, mockups, merchandise, and a static website prototype. I used Adobe Xd, Dimension, Photoshop, and Anima for this project.


Initially, I made a simple wordmark logo and posters using photoshop. Then on Adobe Xd I made a basic wireframe of the website.


Design Brief

  • The title of my project is “get-eco”, a fictional organization
  • Being a Communication Design major, I am using web and graphic design tools to work on this project.
  • The main concept behind my project is to use “social interactions” to create awareness and advertise for a greener earth. The fictional organization will advertise these posters, which will be updated biannually, on large screens to raise awareness. People can also use the website to download the posters and share them on social media, print them out and post them, and buy merchandise to support the cause financially.
  • I plan on updating the posters biannually to make the movement more relevant and have something new. I also plan on adding/updating merchandise to attract supporters.
  • With the awareness, I hope that the target audience starts using greener alternatives such as public transport, cloth/jute bags, bamboo cups, aluminium bottles, reusable cutlery, etc. to reduce our dependence on single-use and non-biodegradable items. I believe that my project covers all the systems broadly and doesn’t have a specific system as a goal. The main goal is to adopt a greener way of living and save Earth.

Resiliency Poster


Systems Map




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Mockup of Digital Advertisements


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Final Website Design

Screen Recording

Background Video Credit –


Live Prototype

Please note that the video doesn’t appear below in the live prototype due to current Adobe Xd limitations.

Website Prototype Link –


I never thought about the environment whenever I work on my digital projects so this project was first. I genuinely had to think about sustainability and provide the greenest possible solution on every step of the project. I am satisfied with the current plan and I hope to scale up this project in the future.

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