Space/Materiality Final Project Sculpture


For my Space/Materiality final, we were tasked to make a sculpture out of Plaster of Paris. We had to make a mold using foam board and cast few items in place. I made a spring out of  28 gauge binding wire and aluminium foil balls. The sculpture looks like a face with the spring acting as an ornament.





De-molded Sculpture


Finished Sculpture

I used Olfa Knife and sandpaper to even out the rough surface and make it flat. The finished piece looks exactly I’d picture and the surface looks perfect.


Large Scale Sculpture Mockup

Being an ambitious person, I envision a large scale version of this sculpture either in MoMA or in the gardens of Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. I made mockups for each site below using Adobe Photoshop.

Outside Palais des Nations



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