Time Map


I go for runs on alternate days and this time I decided to walk and observe my surroundings. I focused on animals and birds I came across and their numbers. I also focused on different sounds in the environment (I always runs whilst listening to music). I want to make a time map, a radial graph which depicts either the animals or sounds. I also have an alternate plan to make a colour map scroll with different colours depicting different animals or types of sounds.



I am using a radial map to depict the animals I spotted on my runs. The scale depicts the quantity and the color depicts the animals. Instead of perfect circles, I am using random polygons to depict the entropy. The medium is acrylic on paper and the pieces are together with glue.


Yellow – Rats – 2

Blue – Cows – 3

Green – Squirrels – 6

Red – Cats – 9

Orange – Dogs – 12

Purple – Birds – 16




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