Pls Flush Thx


For my service image I decided to make something for public restrooms which are dirty for obvious reasons. I wanted to create something which a person can easily do but there are some who choose to neglect, flush toilets. My idea was to create a simple illustration which depicts a person using their hand to press the flush handle and the motion is implied by the image. In my initial sketch, draw a hand, with an angle, at the corner of a square and the toilet flush at the opposite corner. I later add the text “Please Flush” at the top to make my message clear. I also make a second iteration with the image at the left side and a clearer text “Please Flush After Use”. For the first image, I am using Avenir font and for the second image I am using SF Pro Display font. I also wanted to make a colour iteration so I decided to get the desired outcome with trial-and-error. The light orange colour of the hand is used to signify the skin, the blue colour of the toilet is used to signify water.


Paper Cut-Out Draft

Final Piece

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