Tread | Consumer good made from upcycled tyres


The main idea behind my project was to make use of used tyres as they are difficult to decompose and occupy a lot of land. This idea was inspired by collaboration of Adidas and Continental tyres to produce recycle rubber soles out of old and used tyres. The concept behind my project was simple: make consumer goods out of used tyres. During the ideation phase, I figured out the use of such products and they are: products should be heavy duty, should withstand wear and tear, should have high friction, should have some level of flexibility and maintain its shape. After highlighting these usages, I came up with idea of making phone cases, floor mats, table mats for ships, luggage, cutting mat, and packaging out of old tyres. I used Adobe Photoshop to make mockup of these products using stock images of tyres. The company is called “Tread” and the slogans start with “unTread”. I researched logos of existing tyre companies and came up with a simple logotype made with Helvetica and the “e” is at angle. The company has a standard tyre processing machine for which I have made a hypothetical plan.



Brand Identity


Machine Design





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