Project 1

Throughout this project, we explored three major skills and aspects of drawing by portraying these 5 objects in different ways.  Those 4 objects in the right photo are my personal objects and the statue in the left photo is one of the objects we observed at the Brooklyn Museum.  I chose 4 objects that were given by my mom because I wanted to display her love through my art.  I believe I can’t be who I am today without my mom and she’s the most positive and important influence on my life.  I included this statue along with the objects to represent myself being surrounded by her love.

Contour Drawing, Ink on Bristol, 18″ x 24″

The first step of this project was composing a contour drawing with all of those 5 objects.  For the first piece, I tried to arrange the objects in a balanced compositional way.  Also, through the arrangement of the objects, I wanted to show that all of these objects correlate.   Therefore, I put a perfume on the statue, the scarf around the statue so it drapes over the shoulder and the lower body, and finally the necklace on the scarf.  Moreover, I used different styles of lines to depict the textures of the objects.  As you see in the drawing, I used different thickness of lines and soft and hard edges to portray the objects precisely as possible.

Exploring positive and negative space was the second step of the process.  In the positive-negative piece, the positive space is in white and the negative space in black.  The second one (negative-positive) is inverted; the positive space in black and the negative space in white.  I created a new composition for this step.  Unlike the contour drawing for the first step, I spread out the objects to fill the space rather than focusing on details.  For the thumbnail sketch, I used a pencil.  Then I scanned the thumbnail sketch and transferred to Illustrator.  Then I traced the lines using the pen, smoothing, and fill tools to create the positive-negative and negative-positive drawings.

The digital value piece is created using all the Illustrator techniques I’ve learned so far in class.  I combined the previous two elements shown above, contour lines positive and negative space using Illustrator.  First of all, I used the shape builder and pathfinder to create unique shapes.  The combination of unique, overlapping shapes, and complex arrangement of objects add abstraction to the piece.  However, I used nine different color value swatches to fill the space.  Lastly, for the final value collage piece, I used tape, paper towels, red maker, X-Acto knife, and a piece of fabric.  I cut several pieces of tapes into multiple smaller pieces and glued them on to the glasses to create a similar texture of the actual glasses.  Then I crumpled a few small pieces of paper towels on the white space next to the glasses.  Also, I scraped off the black space below the glasses.  Next, I cut a piece of fabric into small pieces and glued them onto one of the parts of the perfume.  Finally, I applied red marker on the heart necklace to accentuate it.  I wanted to emphasize the heart because it corresponds to the theme, which is the love I’ve received from my mom.


Overall, the process of this project shows how we can use different techniques to create art and how you can transform a simple drawing into an abstract and complex piece.  I learned that I can create different styles of pieces with just a few objects.  Throughout the project, I focused on the arrangement of the objects the most, because I realized that I can convey different feelings to the audience just by changing an arrangement of objects. While working on the project, I thought it was a valuable time to experience producing artworks using different media.  Furthermore, I gained so much knowledge and techniques of using Illustrator.  This project reminded me of the elements that artists have to consider in order to create a successful composition and art overall.   After the critique, I’ve made changes to my contour drawing to create a successful composition.  I added texture to the scarf and more smooth and hard edges for a more balanced composition.

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