Pattern Man

For this project, we explored pattern making techniques using Illustrator.  First of all, we made a contour drawing of a man playing the guitar. Then I scanned it to Illustrator and traced it with the pen tool.  For the outline, I used different brush strokes to make it more dynamic.  After that, I created 7 different patterns from 7 different cultures; Japanese, Korean, Chinese, British, African, Middle Eastern, and Native American.  Next, I created color harmonies and created 17 different patterns using different colors. But unfortunately, I was unable to fill the entire figure with the patterns I created because the lines weren’t closed.  So instead, I used the blob brush to apply the patterns.  One of the challenges I faced was neatly applying the patterns to the man using the blob brush.  Furthermore, I created round shaped brushes for the man’s hair and beard.  For the final piece, I used all of the 6 colors from my color palette.  I used vibrant colors to convey funky and joyful feelings to the viewers.  The final piece ended up to be very colorful and culturally diverse.  The variety of colors and patterns accentuated the dynamic feeling to the piece.  Overall, through this project, I learned a lot of different pattern making and designing techniques which are essential for fashion design.  Although it was very difficult, I’m glad I got an opportunity to learn these techniques because it would be very helpful for me in the future when creating garments.  Moreover, I learned how different colors and patterns can represent a different mood or atmosphere of the subject of the painting and convey different feelings to the viewer.  This project taught me the importance of colors and patterns.

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