Perspective Drawing

For this project, I learned one-point and two-point perspectives.  We went to the NY Public Library and drew in perspective on an acetate/translucent paper using a sharpie.  Then after the acetate drawing, I transferred it to a drawing paper.  I placed my drawing paper on top of my acetate and traced the drawing onto the page by using the window as a lightbox.  I made the drawing the same size as the acetate.  Moreover, I used a straight edge to apply the lines.  During the mini critique, I had a chance to check the accuracy of the angles; mine was close to accurate.  After the critique, in my final piece, I brought the lights hanging from the ceiling up more and drew the front one bigger than the one behind.  I fixed the sizes of some of some of the objects to make it more accurate.  I also added more details to the final piece, overall.  For the final piece, we were able to use any medium we wanted.  I chose to draw in black drawing markers.  I used different thickness of markers and straight edges such as the ruler and triangle to draw and efficiently measure as accurately and as precisely as possible.  Furthermore, I included the people, lamps, and books in the photo reference because I thought they’re important symbols that represent the location and they show the depth.  Also, I colored some books with a black marker to emphasize those because since the location is a library I thought those books are significant and can be used as a symbol to represent the location (the library).  I also drew the lamps and desks in different sizes to show the depth and how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, converging towards the single vanishing point.  My goal for this project was to show the depth of the location by depicting the measurement and angles as accurately and precisely as possible.  Overall, I learned to use how to measure and draw accurate angle using straight edges.  Although it was time-consuming to draw accurately using straight edges, this assignment taught me how to show the depth through drawings and how the measurement accuracy affects showing the depth in realistic drawings.

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