Bridge #4

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For Bridge #4 project, I explored the designs elements that designers have to consider are highly affected by people’s needs, wants and concerns.  One of the things I realized was designers nowadays try to make their designs eco-friendly as possible because they know that consumers’ awareness of environmental issues.  This indicates that environmental issues are one of the elements that designers must consider while producing their designs.  Hence, there are a variety of eco-friendly products today.  But ironically, although people are aware of environmental issues, they still tend to buy and use products that are aesthetically appealing but not eco-friendly.  I think one of the reasons is that eco-friendly products are insufficient to fulfill people’s expectations on aesthetic aspects; they tend to perceive those objects as inevitably unattractive and not aesthetically pleasing, as if beauty and sustainability were incompatible.  To change people’s negative perception of eco-friendly products and to draw more people’s attention, I repurposed materials such as paper grocery bags, cotton pads, wool, and fruits for natural dyeing and created a collection of fashion accessories.  After creating a collection of fashion items, I took a high quality of photos and posted them on the Instagram account I created for this project, so more people can see them and share their ideas.  Through the items I created, I hope people would realize that eco-friendly objects can be fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, and raise awareness of the impact of fast fashion on climate change and ecology in general.  Moreover, I hope my fashion items would eventually encourage more people to use eco-friendly products.

(the British style hat made of wool, the multi-purpose accessory, and the Instagram account are made for this project, the other pieces are made for the other classes throughout this year.)

photos: sem stud-157rbdv

More process photos and videos are available on Instagram:

Screenshots of the Instagram page:

These are some of the photos on Instagram with explanations: studio photos-2byonzt

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