Narrative Montage

My final piece is about an experience I had when I first moved to New York.  Since I moved to New York, I had been homesick for a while and felt lonely because the city is very different from where I’m from.  I missed my family and friends and having nature so close.  Anyway, I used a few of my meaningful pictures and paintings for this project to convey the message.  First of all, as a textured background, I used a painting of a tree with a splash of yellow and green paints, which represents my longing for nature.  I increased the brightness and contrast so the colors stand out more.  Then I applied a yellowish green linear gradient tool on the texture background.  For the next step, I cut out the figure in the self-portrait with the magnetic lasso tool and smoothed out the outline.  I chose this drawing because the face expresses the overwhelmed feeling.  I also changed the opacity to 70%.  Then I placed it on top of the background.  After that, I used the quick selection tool to cut out the glasses I painted with watercolors.  Then I also adjusted the size and decreased the opacity to 50% and placed it on top of the self-portrait because I felt like this pair of glasses represents myself.  For the next step, I used a picture of buildings I took at the Highline because those tall buildings show that I’m in the big city now and it goes well with the self-portrait; it shows that I was overwhelmed by all the changes that I was experiencing.  Also, I applied a vivid blending effect to the layer and decreased the opacity to 35%.  Then I used a picture of my friend, which I took when I went hiking to the Rockaway.  This picture is significant in this final piece.  The trip to the Rockaway is the moment when my memory slowly came alive in my mind.  When I was walking through the Rockaway, it was so peaceful that it reminded me of Iowa; I could see and smell it almost as vividly as if I were in Iowa.  I had never expected I would feel comfortable in New York until I went to the Rockaway, but thankfully I had a chance to feel the nature and be surrounded by nice people and make new friends.  The moment I looked up to the sky, all of my worries disappeared and just being there without any distractions comforted me.  I decided to display this experience through this piece because it’s a significant moment in my life that I would never forget and I wanted to cherish the memories I made with those people.  However, in the final piece, my friend in the picture represents me, having a flashback of Iowa.  For the Rockaway picture, I used the magic wand tool and placed it on the final piece.  Finally, after the critique, I used an adjustment layer to increase the brightness overall.

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