RDA#3 Designed Activism

Proposal: Sustainable Systems RDA PT3-2nthpjp

Process photos and explanations (Descriptions of the pieces): DESIGNED ACTIVISM-1vl1wub

Summary of the proposal:

I created fashion accessories using reusable/eco-friendly materials, such as paper grocery bags, cotton pads, wool, and fruits for natural dyeing.  After creating a collection of fashion items, I took a high quality of photos and videos, and posted them on Instagram since people nowadays are constantly on social media, it’s more effective to bring more people to see them and share their ideas.  By creating aesthetically appealing objects, people’s negative stereotypical perception of eco-friendly objects would change positively and would get interested in platforms offering eco-friendly products, allowing them to have an access to various eco-friendly products.  My goal for this project was to make people realize that eco-friendly objects can be fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, and raise awareness of the impact of fast fashion on climate change and ecology through the items I created.  Moreover, I hope my fashion items would eventually encourage more people to use eco-friendly products.

Some screenshots of the page:

The link to the Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en

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