LP #1: Christopher Breward’s Aphorisms

For this post, I will be explaining the meaning and share my thoughts on each of the two aphorisms I chose from Christopher Breward’s forward to Fashion Studies.

“Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way that poetry is intensely personal. It is a medium through which personal stories can be told, memories re-lived and futures foretold.”

Fashion is a reflection of self.  It is a creative way to express your personality, cultural background, emotions, and beliefs.  Furthermore, it can be used as a tool to address your personal opinions, thoughts, or concerns regarding cultural, environmental, social, or political issues.  Fashion can be a source to share these aspects to the public.  Your messages can be conveyed through fashion.  It bridges the society and individuals.

I partially agree with this statement.  There are people who believe that fashion carries a profound meaning than just a garment.  I personally believe that fashion bridges the society and individuals.  Fashion has the power to convey each individual’s message to the world.  But not everyone reflects oneself through fashion.  It might not have a hidden meaning behind it.  For other people, fashion could also solely mean a garment; nothing more than clothes made for the purpose of covering their bodies.  

“Fashion is so all-encompassing and encyclopedic in its terrain that it seems tailor-made for the era of big-data.  The old antiquarians used it to map national customs and habits. We have the tools to put it to the service of as yet unimagined projects, of even greater scope and impact.”

Fashion is a subject that requires various elements to be considered in order to be produced.  It is genuinely designed and constructed considering different aspects of the world, thus, it reflects our society.  The history of fashion evolution represents changes in social and cultural perspectives.

I agree with the statement above.  I believe that fashion can be influenced by social issues and world events.  Numerous events in history have dramatically changed and had impacts on how people dress through time.  Fashion trends imply what it was like in each decade and demonstrate changes in society as fashion, particularly styles of clothing and accessories, evolved throughout time.  Likewise, fashion consists of various aspects that reflect our society. However, by connecting fashion and history, you can understand why certain trends and styles were preferred by the majority of people and emerged in our community in that certain era.  Historical aspects can be observed through fashion.  

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