One of my favorite discoveries of the past couple of years, a project that brings people together to connect vocally to the sounds in the small and remote island of Hailuoto in northern Finland.

“The Hailuoto Sound Choir recreates the sounds of the island with vocal tools and learns a program of pieces composed or curated by sound artist Antye Greie (AGF) in partnership with national acclaimed singer Iiris Poukkanen. The pieces are specifically curated and written for this choir. Performances will be video recorded and archived in this blog. The program is open to everybody. No singing skills required.”

Choir rehearsal 12th of November, Hailuoto – creating mosquito swarm sounds

You can listen on Soundcloud:

Score: contains collective hum, wind imitation, sonic wave and deep sea exploration, horse rhythm copying, mosquito swarming drones, deconstructed poem citations and more



One thought on “Hailuoto Sound Choir

  1. GREAT!!!
    I added the tag Sound and Nature and Sound and Site to this as well.
    I was aware of the app, really nice and also a good use of sound as an educational tool if I am not mistaken. I believe they worked with local school kids on the recordings.

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