About Arup
Founded in 1946 with an initial focus on structural engineering, Arup first came to the world’s attention with the structural design of the Sydney Opera House, followed by its work on the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Arup has since grown into a truly multidisciplinary organisation. Most recently, its work for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing has reaffirmed its reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable designs that reinvent the built environment.

About Arup’s Soundlab
Arup’s SoundLab, an innovative virtual listening environment, allows clients and designers to hear the sound of existing spaces, and to test the sound of designs. It helps us set new standards, as at the Oslo Opera House.

SoundLab helps us give developers and stakeholders a more accurate understanding of environmental noise impacts for planned developments. That insight, together with our experience in managing noise and vibration issues, helps us resolve potential hurdles at planning stage, win acceptance and secure consents.

Here’s an article from Ingenia Onine about Arup’s work with sound:


ARUP’s Sonic Dreams Exhibition on the Caledonian Mercury
The Edinburgh Science Festival showcases new applications which can be applied to business. So how do you know what announcements will sound like in a new railway station or airport? What will music in a new concert hall sound like? ARUP’s sound labs can let you hear that before the foundations are laid. They’re showing the technology in a custom-built travelling sound lab at the ESF.

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