Field Recording, Sound Art and Objecthood

This article, by Joanna Demers relates well to our focus on reduced listening. My short take on it is that the author compares some sound art to site-specific and minimalist art – in short art that claims to not be referring to anything but itself.

“Minimalism emerges in retrospect as an intermediary step in which it was throught possible to appropriate outside objects while bracketing out their associations in a phenomenological reduction similar to that in reduced listening.”

One thought on “Field Recording, Sound Art and Objecthood

  1. That connection between sound art and minimalism and conceptual art is argued by Seth kim Cohen as well, in his book “In the Blink of an Ear” in which he asks us to consider a sound art that does not rely on the perceptual, but instead acts, similarly to Duchamp’s non-retinal art, as “Non-Cochlear Sound Art”

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