Korinsky – Volum in the Berliner Dom

from Everyday Listening: Korinsky is a Berlin-based art collective using technologies and the knowledge about human hearing processes to create sound installations that play with the contrast of visual and acoustic impressions.

The thrilling and quite intimidating architecture of the cathedral church is the central space of the soundinstallation „Volum“ at the Berliner Dom. The work is based on a elaborated discussion about the visual and acoustic appearance of the dome space of 75 m height. The monumental dimensions of the architecture stand in contrast to the detailed decorations, the installation deals with a big spectrum of different sounds in contrast to the architectural size. In this way the perception of the audience can be more complex and enables new, individual impressions for every visitor.

Their latest project is Volum. For this project, Korinsky worked together with a group of architecture students and professor Katrin Günther to explore the non-visual part of architecture. The students got to explore the way the Berliner Dom reacts to sounds, completely imprinting it’s architectonic qualities on the sounds in the dome. The absolutely amazing short documentary explains their work in the best way possible, so I won’t write too much about it.


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