AUDITION – Export a stereo mix of your surround file

Sometimes you don’t have access to the equipment to play back your surround edit and you want to listen to it in stereo. Unfortunately you can’t do this “on the fly” within Audition but you CAN export a stereo version of the session. Here’s the process:

  1. Go to the FILE MENU
  2. Hover over EXPORT, then MULTI TRACK MIXDOWN, then ENTIRE SESSION or select a part of your file using in and out points and  choose TIME SELECTION
  3. In the Export Window
    • select the location where you want the new mixed down file to be saved
    • click CHANGE next to “Mixdown Options” this is where you’ll tell it to create a stereo file!
  4. In the “Mixdown Options” window
    • uncheck 5.1
    • check STEREO
    • Click OK
  5. Finally click the OK in the export window and it will generate your new stereo file.

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