Elevator Pitch – Christine Sun Kim

Christine Sun kim
Elevator Pitch (2019)

Elevator Pitch is an interactive art installation that celebrates New Orleans as a multi-sensory musical experience. Created by New Orleans Airlift, Christine Sun Kim, and Rick Snow, it is the Music Box Village’s latest “musical house” structure, offering visitors a visceral, innovative encounter with sound.

Elevator Pitch is inspired by Kim’s childhood memories of crowding elevators with her Deaf friends, and shouting so loudly that they could feel the vibrations of each others’ voices. Meanwhile, elevators are often known to hearing people as sites of “awkward silence,” thus the concept of this installation challenges when and where various people have a voice. Born Deaf herself, Kim approaches Elevator Pitch by investigating how Deaf communities of New Orleans experience a city so deeply defined by music, and by highlighting how Deaf people are vital to this culture of sound.

For more info about this project and the artists work, visit her website.