ASMR as Art?

Here are a few links to pieces that focus on ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). ASMR is a neurological condition in which people feel physical sensation (tingling) through other sensory stimuli like sounds. The rise of popularity of ASMR videos in social media likely doesn’t signal a surge in cases of folks who experience this as a medical condition, rather that there are connections between sound and other sensations that can be triggered in all of us.

Slime, Bald Dudes, and Siberian Throat Singing? Welcome To Mika Rottenberg’s Mind

The artist’s latest work, ‘Spaghetti Blockchain,’ debuts at the New Museum.


Is it time to think of ASMR videos as art?

They feature slime, crackling plastic, whispering, scratching, brushing and the thrumming of exquisitely groomed fingernails. They are, depending on whom you talk to, either the antidote to anxiety or a wellspring of annoyance.
But might they also be art?