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Language Removal Services

Language Removal Services is a pioneer in the arena of language removal services for language removal applications. Our laboratory is, we believe, the only one of its kind in the world. LRS facilities include our state of the art vocal observation chamber; a special storage facility for our archives, including the world-famous Raymond Chronic Static…Continue Reading Language Removal Services

Pierre Schaeffer – Etude aux chemins de fer

The noise collage “Études aux chemins de fer” is seen as the first piece of music to organize noises on the basis of an entirely musical aesthetic. Its first public performance in the «Concert de bruits» radio broadcast in Paris on 5.10.1948, along with three other noise collages, marks the birth of the French «musique…Continue Reading Pierre Schaeffer – Etude aux chemins de fer

R. Murray Schafer – Listen

Listen by David New, National Film Board of Canada ‘I imagined the soundscape as a huge musical concert that is running continuously. The tickets for this concert are free, and we are all listeners. But we are also performers because we make sounds. To a certain extent, we could also aspire to be composers and…Continue Reading R. Murray Schafer – Listen

Jacob Kirkegaard – 4 rooms: Gymnasium

It’s been said that many make sacrifices for their music, but, in the recording of 4 Rooms, Jacob Kirkegaard went above and beyond. Almost 20 years after the Chernobyl disaster, Kirkegaard traveled into the villages surrounding Chernobyl, places largely uninhabited and still teeming with radiation, an unheard and unseen but never forgotten result of Reactor 4’s fateful meltdown in April 1986….Continue Reading Jacob Kirkegaard – 4 rooms: Gymnasium

Christopher DeLaurenti – Favorite Intermissions

from DeLaurtenti’s website: Released on compact disc in 2007 by GD Stereo, Favorite Intermissions collects surreptitiously recorded improvisations by symphony musicians before and between orchestra concerts. The album’s liner notes, “Intermissions with the Orchestra,” has more: Then, I grant you, the composer-conductor lives on a plane of existence unknown to the virtuoso. With what ecstasy…Continue Reading Christopher DeLaurenti – Favorite Intermissions

India Soundscapes – Loudspeaker

A vividly colorful audio snapshot from one of the world’s most exotic locations, India. Trains, bells, peacocks, and ocean waves mix with the incomparable sounds of humanity: quiet conversations, laughing children, salesmen, gamblers and hustlers. From bustling metropolis to rural village, with a variety of feelings and moods, “Indian Soundscapes” takes you to the Asian…Continue Reading India Soundscapes – Loudspeaker

Tony Schwartz – sounds of my city

n 1952, Tony Schwartz (born in Manhattan, 1923-died 2008) was recording New York children and untrained street musicians when, just down the place where he lived on 57th Street, he fell on a blind musician he recorded playing his unique percussion instrument on a background of street noises (see tr.#5 above). This was the first…Continue Reading Tony Schwartz – sounds of my city