Alvin Lucier – SON[I]A #226
Lucier always seems ready to disappear within sound. It is as if his fascination with the sound phenomenon leads him to avoid interfering in its manifestation. His work is thus by no means based on self-expression or on compositional interventions. Instead, he allows sounds to “be themselves” without pushing or directing them in any way.
(1 episode)

Between the Ears
Innovative and thought-provoking features that make adventurous use of sound and explore a wide variety of subjects. Made by leading radio producers.

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Blind Guy Travels
How would you describe a world you’ve never seen? Blind Guy Travels invites you into life without sight. Join host Matthew Shifrin as he experiences a Marx Brothers comedy, creates an online dating profile, collaborates with LEGO to develop instructions for blind builders, and prepares for college graduation.
(ongoing series)

Crucial Listening
Experimental musicians and sound artists discuss the albums that are important to them. A bi-weekly podcast from ATTN:Magazine.
(ongoing series)

Listening Across Disciplines
An Arts and Humanities Council (AHRC) funded network project which brings together artists, musicians, scientists, technologists and social scientists as well as scholars and practitioners from the humanities to work across disciplinary boundaries on the recently emerging focus on sound and listening.
(23 episode)

Medium Rotation – Triple Canopy
This series, asks how we understand ourselves and others through listening—and what the obstacles to listening reveal about our society. Omniaudience also testifies to the power we exercise as listeners to act in concert with each other, and to amplify voices that might not otherwise be heard.
(8 episode)

Noise a Human History
What if history had a sound track? What would it tell us about ourselves? This thirty-part BBC Radio series explores the human dramas that have revolved around sound at various points in the last 100,000 years, allowing us to think in fresh ways about the meaning of our collective past.
(30 episode)

Oceans of Noise
Wildlife recordist Chris Watson begins a three-part journey into the sonic environment of the ocean, celebrating the sounds and songs of marine life and investigating the threat of noise pollution
(3 episode)

On Being – Gordon Hempston
Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton collects sounds from around the world.  An attentive listener, he says silence is an endangered species on the verge of extinction. He defines real quiet as presence — not an absence of sound but an absence of noise. We take in the world through his ears.
(1 episode)

On Listening – Thinking Through the Ear
 This program explores philosophy’s seeming difficulty in grappling with listening and its counterpart – sound – as a powerful deconstructive means to cut through some of the philosophical certainties that underpin classical and modern Western thought.
(1 episode)

On Listening – Jacob Kirkegaard
With projects on the deserts of Oman, the Chernobyl ‘zone of alienation’, Arctic calving glaciers and the tones generated by the human inner ear itself, mapping out Jacob Kirkegaard’s artistic practice is no easy task. He allows himself to be led by wonder, focusing on hidden or unheard layers of sound and sonic phenomena in highly charged contexts.
(one episode)

Phantom Power  
Phantom Power is an aural exploration of the sonic arts and humanities that launched in 2018. Hosted by poet + media artist cris cheek and sound + media scholar Mack Hagood, the podcast explores the sounds and ideas of artists, technologists, producers, composers, ethnographers, historians, cultural scholars, philosophers, and others working in sound.
(ongoing series)

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Radio Concrete
Radio Concrete – produced by Hagai Izenberg – is an ongoing experimental sound project which combines field recordings together with radio broadcasting.
(ongoing series)

The Dominant Eye (2018)
Responding to the overload of visual media dominating our contemporary senses, Siân Lyn Hutchings and The Noematic Collective develop a series of interconnected projects that foreground the use of sonic interpretation on site.
(14 episodes)

The Listeners – BBC  
Listening is about more than hearing as we discover with people whose professional lives revolve around listening, in one case using listening devices to pick up signs of life.
(2 episodes)

The World According to Sound
Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett are co-creators of The World According to Sound, a radio show that airs on NPR’s All Things Considered and weekly on individual public radio stations. The Washington Post writes that “each episode is 90 seconds, containing a neat little story about an evocative, unusual sound rendered in intense aural detail.”
(Ongoing Series)

Twenty Thousand Hertz
A podcast revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.
(Ongoing Series)

Variations – Jon Leidecker
VARIATIONS presents an overview of the major landmarks in Sampling Music, following examples in twentieth century composition, folk art and commercial media through to the meeting of all those threads in the present day.
(8 Episodes)


Electronic Animisms, Cosmic Diplomacies, Sonic Fabulations, Blasted Landscapes / Abundant Futures, Field Studies. Over five chapters unfolding a plurality of sonic expressions, imaginaries and thought, YNK interrogates relations to nonhumans, nature, bodies, and matter. (20 Episodes)