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Joan LaBarbara – Voice is the Original Instrument

From Joan LaBarbara: One of my earliest pieces, “Hear What I Feel”, was a self-exploratory, sensory-deprivation experimental work, designed to help me discover new sounds, delve into psychological aspects, as well as communicate with the audience on a pre-verbal level of awareness. After spending an hour in isolation with my eyes taped shut and not…Continue Reading Joan LaBarbara – Voice is the Original Instrument

Stephanie Loveless – Cricket, Tree, Crow

  From Stephanie Lawless’ website Cricket, Tree, Crow is a quadraphonic sound piece in three movements that investigates the voices of the cricket, the crow, and the maple tree. All sonic material in the work is based on vocal mimicry of the sounds produced by members of the species themselves. The piece is driven by…Continue Reading Stephanie Loveless – Cricket, Tree, Crow

Hailuoto Sound Choir

One of my favorite discoveries of the past couple of years, a project that brings people together to connect vocally to the sounds in the small and remote island of Hailuoto in northern Finland. “The Hailuoto Sound Choir recreates the sounds of the island with vocal tools and learns a program of pieces composed or…Continue Reading Hailuoto Sound Choir

Language Removal Services

Language Removal Services is a pioneer in the arena of language removal services for language removal applications. Our laboratory is, we believe, the only one of its kind in the world. LRS facilities include our state of the art vocal observation chamber; a special storage facility for our archives, including the world-famous Raymond Chronic Static…Continue Reading Language Removal Services