SuperHeroes (It’s not a Disability, it’s a Superpower)

One of the biggest problems for people with disabilities, is transportation. Whether they are in a wheelchair, using a cane, or limping slowly around, getting around the city is more difficult than those able. I was inspired by the large population of elderly people in Chinatown who were having a hard time walking from place to place. I decided to design a garment that acts as a walking aid, almost like a walker. I would need to use some sturdy material in order to prop the wearer up. I’d also attach wheels to the bottom of the “walker” to help those disabled to get around with ease.

My name is Sruthi Raj and I currently live in Northern California. I was born and have lived in the Bay Area my whole life. I am very interested in the Fashion aspect of design, including sewing and garment construction. Graphic design, photography, and film also fall into my interests. I would also like to incorporate business into design because I love working with people. Some of passions are running, playing the guitar, soccer, psychology, volunteering, and traveling. I love New York City and would like to live in the city someday. In my future career I hope to positively impact the world through design :)

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