The Walking Flower Basket

At Chinatown I noticed that one way people made a living was the transportation of objects, or street vending. I saw a woman lugging around two huge carts of flowers from block to block, and unfortunately, he wasn’t making any sales. I was inspired to create a garment that would not only sell, but also advertise the flowers. The people in Chinatown are often scraping by to making a living and I hope this piece can help promote their business further. For the skirt I want to make it out of some sort of basket material and form pockets or mini baskets within the dress. For the bodice I was inspired to create a pattern reflecting the New York City map, so if tourists are lost, the map might draw them to the flower vendor.

My name is Sruthi Raj and I currently live in Northern California. I was born and have lived in the Bay Area my whole life. I am very interested in the Fashion aspect of design, including sewing and garment construction. Graphic design, photography, and film also fall into my interests. I would also like to incorporate business into design because I love working with people. Some of passions are running, playing the guitar, soccer, psychology, volunteering, and traveling. I love New York City and would like to live in the city someday. In my future career I hope to positively impact the world through design :)

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