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Chinatown is a hub for different kinds of transportation, occupation, and cultures. As one of New York City’s biggest tourist attractions, locals compete with each other to attract customers into their shops or stands. Transportation is much harder for those living in the city who sell their products on the street. My design philosophy is anchored in the idea of a conspicuous garment that sells products without any extra transportation of objects required for the vendor.

While in Chinatown, I noticed that one way people made a living was the transportation of objects, or street vending. I saw a woman lugging around two huge carts of flowers from block to block, and unfortunately, he wasn’t making any sales. I was inspired to create a garment that would not only sell, but also advertise the flowers. The people in Chinatown are often scraping by to making a living and I hope this piece can help promote their business further. For the skirt I want to make it out of some sort of basket material and form pockets or mini baskets within the dress.

The area also contains a massive Western influence, which can be seen in the numerous souvernir shops as well as the clothing style worn by the locals. I drew from the mixed cultural influences and designed an American (almost tacky) shirt. to For the bodice I was inspired to create a pattern reflecting the New York City map, so if tourists are lost, the map might draw them to the flower vendor. My goal is to create a garment that will help someone in Chinatown struggling to make ends meet by giving them more business.

My name is Sruthi Raj and I currently live in Northern California. I was born and have lived in the Bay Area my whole life. I am very interested in the Fashion aspect of design, including sewing and garment construction. Graphic design, photography, and film also fall into my interests. I would also like to incorporate business into design because I love working with people. Some of passions are running, playing the guitar, soccer, psychology, volunteering, and traveling. I love New York City and would like to live in the city someday. In my future career I hope to positively impact the world through design :)

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