Me: July 9

Hey! I’m Sydney Mazur from Buffalo, New York- I know, boring right? Although a 10-minute drive from Niagara Falls, Buffalo is surely not as exciting as the many different countries and states other students in the class came from, but, as the rest of you, i found my way to Parsons. From childhood, i’ve been immensely interested in art: more specifically fashion. Using materials from tablecloths to styrofoam to real fabric and addictively watching Project Runway, little 9 year-old me started to create garments of my own such as wedding dresses and costumes for concerts we’d perform for our parents. Anyway, from there i discovered Parsons, as it was on Project Runway all the time, and, since then, i’ve wanted to attend for college. Aside from fashion design at home, i take a Fashion Laboratory class at school along with Exploring Concepts in Drawing and Painting in which we create 2D work using several mediums. Charcoal is one of my favorites to work with, along with acrylic as they are very easy to blend. When i’m not creating, i’m playing ice hockey and going out to dinner with friends. I like to explore abandoned places/old places and take cool pictures as well. But yeah, that’s pretty much me and my art experience and interests.



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