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My entire look has changed, but my inspiration remains the same. My single garment, as displayed on the mood board, represents a combination of both the crowding/organizing idea in my first garment idea and the idea of bright colors to attract people. These ideas come together to form one cohesive jumpsuit. The legs still have pockets down the legs, but the pockets will be made of a plastic material with a bright color behind them so not only can you hold things, but you are able to use dry erase on each pocket to describe what it is you are selling. The top brings in the crowding idea where people’s living spaces are crowded and are built on top of each-other, hence the need for fire escapes. With a 3-D fire escape looking shoulder and bust, you can very interactively experience the actual fire escapes located in Chinatown. Along with the jumpsuit i’ve included a mask; the mask covers the face of the person wearing it from the sun as they attempt to sell their products. Chinese people, with the way their skin is, tend to obtain much discoloration and sunspots from being in the sun for long periods of time, so a mask will solved this along with keeping the vendor protected. The mask also entails an arrow pointing down to the garment or the products being sold in order to drag more attention to it. The interactiveness of this vendor’s outfit encompasses many aspects of Chinatown that directly pertain the the culture and way people in Chinatown have assimilated into the area and lifestyle.


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