Max Headroom

“Max Headroom with David Letterman”

The concept of Max Headroom is a fictional character personally acted by a man named Matt Frewer. He has cosmetics and a fiberglass suit to appear to be a CGI television host. During the 1980s, the idea of a AI generated television host would be wildly intriguing thus this character was born to capture the attention of viewers. Matt Frewer would appear on a screen looking oddly plastic and have a certain ‘stutter’ to give off a more mechanical feeling. Being on the subject of avatar; this raises a lot of questions. Matt Frewer is putting up a front and acting as a persona that does not exist. Not even in the hypothetical sense of acting as a fictional character who may exist somewhere in the world. He’s pretending to be artificial intelligence, a man made personality. These avatars that we’ve created for ourselves do not always come in the form of people or a part of us. They also appear from strange concepts and ideas surrounded by intrigue. Max Headroom is a bizarre creation that was made through the idea of an artificially generated talk show host.

There is a Max Headroom reference in Eminem’s Rap God music video, just an observation.

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