Objects Portrait




I chose these objects because they are not replaceable to me, each of them have a personal tie with me.

I’ve had my Copic markers and wooden box that I keep them in for years, I’ve drawn many pictures with them since middle school~

My two backpacks from Korea were a gift from my mother after I was recovering from a operation. These are my favorite bags, I don’t really use purses because they make me look too girly…

My wooden hair brush was choosen because I really like my hair, and my hair brush is a daily part of it~ I carry it around and I got it from my dad’s store.

I recently purchased a plant off a street vendor for 7 dollars and I named my plant Dan. The air in New York makes me feel a little sick. Dan makes me feel like my room has cleaner air~

The bomber coat hanging off  the wall is a coat I bought before coming here to New York… It was kind of hard to come by and I really look forward to wearing it in the Winter…

The Elmo doll is something I’ve had for two years and I see as a tiny positive personality in my environment~

New School student.

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