Sustainable Systems Booklet

From the beginning of the semester we were tasked to create a page for each assignment. Assignments could be in-class activities, field trips, and/or purely homework. Starting off from the first week, we were assigned to create a layout explaining how to make coffee.


As one class, we were put into groups of four or five and tasked in creating the tallest pasta structure meeting theses requirements:

  1. Must support an egg towards the top
  2. Made with only with pasta (100 sticks) and marshmellows (15 large pink marshmellows)

Below the upper right image is my group’s structure. (Sasha Kupisk, Sasha Patil, Sul Lim)


Thirdly; we examined the life cycle of man made items. How much impact does a certain object have compared to other items? Is it more harmful to dispose of an umbrella or a handbag? Together we reviewed on how to extend an item’s life span.


We reviewed wilderness. What is wilderness? Land that is untouched by man? This page in particular is about what I perceive to be New York City’s version of wilderness.


We discuss the concept of a commons tragedy. How a flaw within a system leads to exploitation of the resource.


On our visit to the United Nations we were met with multiple speakers, each with their own message about sustainability.


The first field trip we took together was the Circle Lin Tour. Here we also had speakers with an unique message involving New York’s environment and problems worldwide.


New School student.

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