Weeks 05-10: Inhabited Space and Materiality -Project #2 Interlocking Body Object

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My community is the gaming/fantasy outlet and imagination. I wanted to create a headdress that would give the feeling of out wordly adventure.

Druid Headdress

I carved tusks, antlers and horns from wood. I stained the wood and wove feathers into the band. I used wax thread to suspend the antlers and used metal rings to attach them together.



Creation Process:

  1. Using the machine, I cut out shapes roughly resembling the pieces I needed. I drew on the wood and followed the blade along the edges.

2) I scored a thick piece of black chipboard to create a rigid but flexible flat band.

3) Using carving knives, I smoothed out the wood. This took the longest time and I did research into wood carving to make cleaner cuts.

4) I used dark wood stain and put on multiple layers of clear coat to give the wood a glossy and sleek sheen.

5) I attached the feathers on one by one by hand. The rest was busy work.


New School student.

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