The moss is a natural raw material that can be used for sound proofing, I imagine this material being used in a home studio where the walls are lined in a frame with this moss instead of using egg cartons. I think that is very aesthetically pleasing. I wish to find material that natural and serve any physical function if needed, this moss has that ability.

The salt has a natural pinkish hue due to the presence of iron oxide. This very slight tinge of hue makes a very charming appearance from the mineral. I would like to apply this decorative aesthetic to my future projects if it could ever call for it.

This polymer is a recyclable cloth that could be used as stuffing for my stool, it also comes in a variety of pleasing colors. I was drawn to it by it’s appearance and purpose. I feel as if this material could be used for a large variety of uses, and if needed could be recycled and broken down into it’s raw ingredients a for a different purpose.

New School student.

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