Emu Travel Mount


Emu Travel Mount

The idea of an animal carrying man-made objects gives me a vision of the owner’s lifestyle. But more than that, it sort of dons a new identity on the animal. The animal has absolutely no correlation to the items it holds or the decorations that humans put on it. It has no idea what or why the purpose of those objects are yet it carries the burden of dragging it along everywhere. Yet when we see an animal meant for more primitive means of travelling or transporting goods, we tend to automatically create a identity on that animal. My emu for example is carrying rolls of different colored bright cloth, plates, a cup, a bottle of bad coffee, a couple of spoons, and a manual sewing machine. I tried to go for, this is the mount of a Parsons fashion student. The emu is just an animal that has been bestowed this identity of being a fashion student. Like how an armored horse becomes a warrior, how a NYC carriage horse becomes a clown for people’s amusement, or how a line of goats carrying hiking gear actually become hikers (in our minds).





To create this sculpture, I used paper clay that I had to lightly toast in front of a heating dish. Fabric were found on campus however the trinkets and baubles were ‘found’ objects.

New School student.

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