Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Wed: 7/18 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Bring your cameras tomorrow (+ charged batteries / empty cards) and one or two lenses you might want to use to shoot video!!! TUES, WED, or THURS night, please watch: STREETWISE, 1984, Dir. Martin Bell (and his wife, Mary Ellen Mark). 91 mins. Here are some additional resourches: IMDB PROFILE  |  Photo Essay by Mary Ellen Mark: “Streets of…

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“SELF / REVEAL” –» Due Monday, 7/23, 9am. Solo project. Take 3-5 portraits total (no more than five, no less than three). You have one mission with this assignment: to reveal something about yourself; something few know about. You may choose to put yourself or parts of yourself in this series of photos or you may not. That’s…

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WEEK 2 | Wed: 7/18 D.O.

AM: FINAL PROJECT CRITIQUE: “The Flaneur“ Trimming paper with Myles! . PM: Introduction to Photo Essay: SELF / Reveal (Due Monday) VIDEO!! Stop motion + time lapse! (animation page one + animation page two)! Art + Photography + Other videos!

WEEK 2 | Tue: 7/17 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Your flaneur photo essay PRINTED on the photo plotter for pickup in U432. Your flaneur photo essay artist’s statement. Tonight or tomorrow night, depending on which night you prefer, please watch: STREETWISE, 1984, Dir. Martin Bell (and his wife, Mary Ellen Mark). 91 mins. Here are some additional resourches: IMDB PROFILE  |  Photo Essay by Mary Ellen Mark:…

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WEEK 2 | Tue: 7/17 D.O.

AM: PRINTING!!! Printing on the Plotters or the Durst (out of the classroom)… Printing on the Pro SureColor Epson P800 Printers (in the classroom)… UPDATE: APPARENTLY THIS WILL TAKE PLACE AFTER LUNCH + FIELD TRIP!!! TUTORIALS YOU REQUESTED: Film Look from Digital Photo: This | This | This | This Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop:…

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WEEK 2 | Mon: 7/16 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Final Project 2 (“THE FLANEUR”) is due Wednesday! . Here’s the final output checklist here as well: 6-12 photos total (no more than 12, no less than 6). Captioned or not—your preference. Your essay should be cohesive and connected. We should see the through-line. Think about their sequence; what order the photos will go…

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WEEK 2 | Mon: 7/16 D.O.

AM: Myles / Your Blogs and what’s missing!!! THESE MUST BE KEPT UP-TO-DATE! Final Critiques: “Inspired By” File/photo management Adobe Bridge Adobe Camera Raw editing Photoshop editing! Basic skin manipulation Color Correction Actions Masking Removing elements in backgrounds Preparation for printing—either Epson, Durst, or Plotters Creating a “film” look… (Texture + Nik Collection Analog Efx…

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THE FLANEUR Due Wednesday July 18th, at 9am sharp (PRINTED) Become a “Deep Traveller”; a “Flâneur”. Explore one small item….some ‘thing’. Really explore it. Look beyond the facade; discover the details (that to others may go unnoticed). Get closer. Get specific. Get intimate with your ‘thing’. Pay attention to all of your senses. What defines your particular…

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WEEK 1 | Fri: 7/13 H.W.

HOMEWORK: [Due Monday] Also, please take photos (no flash!) of your three favorite photographs from our MOMA visit today. Write a paragraph about each on your ELP; discuss what resonates with you about each photograph and discuss its elements of composition. What makes the photo successful? What is the photographer’s concept? How does the photographer…

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