Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18


DONE IN PAIRS (but with two photographers) –» Due Friday, 7/13, 9am (for 8 of you) / Due Monday, 7/16 (for the other 8 of you). Prepare a lecture about the two photographers you pulled out of the envelope. In addition to learning about them and creating a short lecture (12 mins total—approx 3 mins…

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WEEK 1 | Tues: 7/10 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Make sure your ELPs look/work the way you’d like. As mentioned yesterday, they should have the full required menu on them (“HOMEWORK”, “FINAL PROJECTS”, and either “IN-CLASS WORK”—or “DAILY REFLECTIONS” categories), as well as an “ABOUT” page that tells your peers a little bit about yourself. Make sure you send the link to your ELP to me…

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WEEK 1 | Tues: 7/10 D.O.

AM: Student learning portfolios (how to navigate easily, getting rid of “sample pages”, “about” page vs. “about” posts, posting thumbnails and images, links, adding plugins, personalization, headers, widgets, etc.). Introduction to Project 1: “Inspired By” Reformatting your hard drives Learning about cameras / how to use / setup / etc… PM: How to check out equipment…

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